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Mom Power: A Therapeutic Intervention for Mothers of Young Children

Attention Moms (18+) with children ages Newborn-5:  Do you want a better understanding of your child's needs and behaviors?  Do you want to build a strong and healthy relationship with your child?  Become a part of the MOM POWER program.  This is a FREE 10-week (20 session) online parenting program that you can do from the comfort of your home.  Please contact Stephanie Walters at A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition,, or 423-727-0780 if you are interested.

Mom Power Flyer
Mom Power Objectives and Outcomes

Johnson County Schools COVID-19 Dashboard COVID Dashboard

Johnson County Schools has published the COVID-19 Dashboard web page on our website. You can find it by referencing the following link.

Johnson County Schools COVID-19 Dashboard

Johnson County Schools - Returning to the Classroom Back to School Update

The Johnson County Board of Education met this evening in regular session and made the following decision regarding the operation of schools:

Johnson County School will reopen all schools to in-person classes on Wednesday September 16th.

Updated Login Link for Clever

We have had a few reports about student difficulties logging into the Johnson County Schools Clever Portal. Please use the updated link that we now have below and on our website "Links" section to access Clever. Begin by using our new links, click on the "Login with Google" button and make certain that you use your student e-mail and password to log in. This should make the process a lot easier for everyone!

Johnson County Schools Clever Portal Login Page

Pre-K Open House Presentation

Check out the Pre-K video!


Kindergarten Open House Presentation

Clipart of the word Kindergarten

Click on the image above to view the kindergarten presentation. Make sure to check out the video!

First Grade Open House Presentation

Click the link above to view the first grade presentation. Check out the video as well!

Second Grade Open House Presentation

Click on the link to view the second grade presentation. Make sure to check out the videos as well!

Third Grade Open House Presentation

Distance Learning / Third Grade

Click on the link above to view the third grade presentation. Make sure to check out the videos as well!

Fourth Grade Open House Presentation

4th Grade – St. Cletus School

Click the link above to view the fourth grade presentation. Make sure you check out the fourth grade video as well!

Fifth Grade Open House Presentation

Fifth Grade

Click above to view the fifth grade presentation.

Sixth Grade Open House Presentation

6th Grade – St. Ann School

Click the link above to view the presentation.


Special Area / All About Special Area Classes

See what will be happening in specials!

School Counseling Services

School Counselor / Home

Click on the link above to learn more about our school counseling services! Make sure to check out the video as well!

Virtual Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here to visit the Johnson County School FAQ page!

Updates to the Johnson County Schools Call Out System School Messenger Image

Johnson County Schools have been using software for several years to communicate with its parents, staff and students about local events, school schedule changes and general school related information. There have been some major updates to the software over the past couple of months that have not allowed our e-mail communication to go out alongside our voice messages. This has created some confusion and has limited effective communication between the schools and parents. With assistance and guidance from our software team at School Messenger, we have a solution in place that will allow everyone to continue receiving calls via voice and e-mail.

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