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The Johnson County School System Administration and Board of Education meets annually to develop and refine the school system’s mission and beliefs. Sub-committees have been assigned annually and include school system employees, students, parents and other stakeholders to develop the system’s beliefs, mission, goals and shared visions. The retreats include an in-depth look at the data input from stakeholders and trends in education. Various meetings have included an ongoing and comprehensive analysis of system data and have encouraged input from all stakeholders as well as attention to current research-based trends in education.


Johnson County School System will provide a rigorous and relevant education for all students in a safe, positive environment that enables students to develop and successfully pursue lifelong learning goals.


  • All students have an equal right to a quality education in a safe, positive environment.
  • All students can achieve their potential if provided with appropriate opportunities.
  • Education can empower each student to achieve an optimum level of social, emotional, intellectual and academic success.
  • A strong partnership between school, home and community is essential.
  • Innovation in education is imperative to meet the needs of our youth and society.

All Johnson County Schools’ students will meet or exceed national standards and will be college or career ready upon high school graduation.

  • The Johnson County Schools’ Board of Education will continue to pursue credentials to maintain status as a TSBA Board of Distinction
  • Infrastructure that supports innovative technology will be provided to increase effectiveness and efficiency of instruction, assessment and evaluation of students.
  • All students will be reading at grade level.
  • There will be an increase in stakeholders actively participating in shared decision-making.