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District Vision

Johnson County District Vision

At Johnson County Schools, we are committed to our vision of the highest levels of teaching and learning, supported by these four critical elements:

Collaborative Culture:

  • Collaboration is purposeful, constant and regularly scheduled, where everyone works as a team, sharing both instructionally successful ideas and challenges between and across grade levels.
  • Parents/guardians are willing, knowledgeable, and active partners in the learning process to support student success.

Quality Instruction:

  • Instruction is a reflection of the teacher’s high expectations for students and the teacher’s deep understanding of the grade level content.
  • Teachers model a love for learning and show their belief in students by creating a positive environment where success is possible.
  • Students show their success and learning in a variety of ways, creating relevant work and tasks which give a complete picture of their progress.

Resource Utilization and Development:

  • Research-based resources for all subject areas are consistently available for teachers to use in student interventions and enrichment.
  • Technology is regularly and effectively implemented in classrooms to support deep levels of student learning.
  • Professional development is ongoing and includes regular support, resources, and follow up to require classroom implementation to strengthen student success.

Leadership for Change:

  • There are written and consistent guidelines and procedures to provide ways of sharing important information throughout all levels of school and district work.
  • The district develops teacher leadership to promote quality and cohesive instruction, and a continual focus on students.
  • Leaders view teacher effectiveness primarily in terms of student success.