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Federal Projects

Federal Projects

In Johnson County, we are utilizing federal funds to offer our students enhanced educational opportunities by providing highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals to all students in Title I schools and by further broadening our program offerings to students by increasing access to technology, providing more resources in core academic areas, and by affording our teachers and administrators quality, research-based staff development activities which are data driven and sustained over time.

Access the Every Student Succeeds Act


Federal Programs in Johnson County Schools:

Title II-A, D; Title VI Angie Wills
Title III Allen Diggs

Title I – “Improving Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged”:
Title I is a federally funded program to support reading and math skills in selected schools as identified by socioeconomic levels.  All elementary schools in Johnson County are Title I school-wide projects.   Title I funds are utilized to supplement local and state funded programs.  Examples include further reducing class size by hiring additional staff, employing classroom paraprofessionals, providing counseling services to students, funding research-based and ongoing staff development opportunities for staff, and providing additional educational materials and equipment at the school level.

Paraprofessional Requirements
NCLB requires that all paraprofessionals employed in a Title I school be “highly qualified” by demonstrating proficiency through passing a standardized test or by completing two years of post-secondary education.  Employees hired before January 8, 2002, have until the end of the 2005-2006 school year to meet this requirement.  Those hired after this date must meet this requirement immediately.

Johnson County Schools offers the online assessment currently utilized by Educational Testing Service (ETS).  For more information about this assessment, click here:

ParaPro Assessment Main Site (login required)

Title II-A – “Preparing High Quality Teachers and Principals”
Title II-A funds are utilized in Johnson County to help further reduce the class size ratios at several schools.  In addition, Title II-A funds help to supplement staff development efforts to ensure that all Johnson County teachers and paraprofessionals are highly qualified.  Staff development activities are planned and implemented K-12 in the core academic areas.  These activities are research based and implemented in a fashion that allows our system to evaluate their effectiveness over time by analyzing data from a variety of sources.

Title II-D – “Enhancing Education Through Technology”
Title II-D funds are specifically designated for improving technology and for offering teacher technology training for employees.  Further infusion of technology into the curriculum and enhanced opportunities for students to use technology in the learning process.

Johnson County School Technology Plan (as specified in Title II-D)

Title III – “Language Instruction for Limited English Students”

Title IV-A – “Ensuring Safe and Drug Free Schools”
Title IV funds in Johnson County are used to support a school based student assistance program through the employment of a school counselor.  

Title V-A – “Innovative Programs”
Title V funds in Johnson County have been designated for technology improvement, research-based educational materials, library media materials to increase offerings, and programs to provide for the educational needs of gifted and talented students.

Title VI-B  – “Rural Education Initiative”
Title VI Rural Technology funds have been utilized to support the continued expansion of technology access to all students in Johnson County.