Johnson County Schools FAQ


What is virtual Learning?

  • A rigorous content-based online program that will be overseen by your child's teacher.

  • Your child's work will be graded, and grades will be reported by your child's teacher.

  • Students must complete daily assignments, projects, and exams just as in-person students.

  • Johnson County Teachers will be providing extra resources and support.

  • Students will be required to complete 6.5 hours of instruction per-day.

  • Any assignments not completed will result in a 0.

  • Failure to complete any assignments could result in retention for grades k-8 or repeating a course in grades 9-12. 

  • Some course offerings such as college prep, honors and some CTE classes will not be available.

How Will Attendance be Taken Within Virtual Learning?

  • Attendance will be monitored by time logged in to the platform.

  • An absence is defined as not logging in and not completing daily assignment

  • A reasonable amount of time should be spent on each assignment to demonstrate proficiency.

  • The course schedule set by the teacher should be followed.

  • The attendance policy will be followed and any absence must have a professional excuse in order to be excused.

  • Excuses must be turned in to their respective school within ten days of the absence.

  • After the first ten days of school, students in grades K-8 who choose to utilize Johnson County’s Virtual Classroom option must remain in this program for the entire first 9 weeks. Students in grades 9-12 who choose to utilize Johnson County’s Virtual Classroom option must remain in this program for the entire semester.

If I Choose Virtual Learning do I Need to Request a ChromeBook?

  • No, only if your child does not have access to a laptop or computer daily. 

  • Each student needs to have access to their own device.

What if I do not have access to internet?

  • All schools and central office will be equipped with wireless internet available in our parking lots. This Network is listed as "Virtual Learning"

If I Choose Virtual can my Child Still Participate in Extracurricular Activities?

  • Yes, they can only participate in after school activities.

How will virtual instruction work for a student with an IEP? 

  • The student will have access to the regular curriculum taught by the classroom teacher with supports and accommodations, as needed, provided by a special education teacher. Virtual instruction will look different for each student as determined by the student’s IEP.

Will my child’s IEP for virtual instruction be exactly like his/her IEP for in-person instruction?

  • No. As soon as practical after school reopens, an IEP meeting will be scheduled to develop the child’s goals and strategies for virtual instruction. Parent input on the child’s gains and losses during the 2019-2020 school closure will be valuable for helping with decision-making. The IEP team will determine what is needed for the child to have meaningful virtual opportunities for access and participation in the curriculum. It might be that the student will need to be brought to school for in-person related services. Depending on a child’s strengths and needs, in-person related services might be needed.
  • It will look different for each individual student with disabilities.

How will comprehensive initial evaluations and re-evaluations be conducted by the psychologist?

  • Even if a child is participating in virtual instruction, the preferred method of evaluation will be in-person. The evaluation may be conducted at the child’s school or at the central office. Deep cleaning will be done before and after each evaluation. Social distancing will be used, and may include the use of a clear barrier, clear face shields, or other similar protections.

When will my child’s IEP meeting be scheduled?

  • We appreciate parents’ understanding that, with schools being closed since March 17, case managers will have an overabundance of IEP meetings and other case management requirements to schedule. We will schedule meetings in as timely a fashion as practical. Please bear with us. Your child will be served according to his or her current IEP, to the extent practical, until a new IEP can be developed.

Can my child be enrolled in the virtual education option and still receive nutritional services?

  • Parents may pick up meals at MCE beginning Wednesday, August 5th for virtual learners. Parents must pull in from Donnelly street and come behind school pulling up near the wooden ramp at back door of kitchen and then go down hill on 421 side circle. This pick up site will be open from 10:00 am – 10:30 am (30 minutes) a cafeteria employee will be at back door, parents must either give students key pad number or name (they must be enrolled in our system to receive a meal)  This is different from our bus route program and our summer feeding program. 

    We will try this through August 14th to see if we get enough participation.